Insurance Process

Your commercial property is a critical asset to your business.  Because of this, it is extremely important to properly maintain every aspect of your facility.  You can protect your roof with numerous preventative solutions, but you can’t protect it from the dangerous weather mother nature throws your way.

Every year, mother nature causes billions of dollars of damage to commercial roofs. Whether it is from wind and hail or snow and rain, for those that are not experienced in handling insurance claims, this can be a stressful time. Having a plan in place with a contractor who knows what steps to take when disaster strikes is key to saving yourself unnecessary frustration.

Where to Begin

So a large storm passed through your area and you’re questioning whether or not your roof has sustained any damage.  With the process of filing an insurance claim being an intimidating task to undertake, the first step of the insurance profess should always be to speak with a contractor knowledgeable on confirming storm damage.  Insurance companies do not make money by paying out claims, occasionally resulting in a denial of legitimate claims.  Having an expert contractor on your side will provide you with the experience you need to get your claim funded quickly and correctly.

ProShot Commercial Roofing will assess your roof to evaluate the damage, and only suggest you file an insurance claim if absolutely necessary.  Once we have determined that you need to file a claim, we will work with you to call your insurance company.  We will review your insurance paperwork and ensure the accuracy of the summary and payment estimates.  Once everything with the insurance company is precise, we will begin work and get your roofing asset back to functioning at its best.

We’re Here for You

With our roof maintenance and protection plan we are able to maximize your roofing investment. Preventative roofing maintenance before a storm hits will ensure you’re protected before damage occurs.  ProShot Commercial Roofing provides the following with our maintenance programs:

  • Accurate records including photos of your roofing asset before any weather-related damage
  • Regular inspections with a certified report on your roof’s current condition
  • Prompt, professional service with expert craftsmanship
  • Mitigating minor roof problems before they grow into greater issues
  • Limit your liability costs by doing everything required for proper roof maintenance

Our goal is to help busy business owners ensure their roof is properly functioning at all times.  With our maintenance program paired with our storm damage restoration services, you will have a stress-free insurance claims process.

Taking the guesswork out of insurance claims is something we are proud to offer our clients. Our team is here to guarantee you receive the benefits you are owed from your insurance company. When mother nature comes calling, let the ProShot Commercial Roofing team make sure you are covered.